The Second Weigh-In


Happy Monday readers! Today was my second weigh-in since starting my weight loss regime and I think it is time to tell you that I have hit a bit of a snag. I have hit a snag in terms of my weight but also in my way of thinking: is weight loss desirable or is body sculpting the better way to go? Yes, I have had a bad week in terms of weight loss but in terms of toning, this week has been awesome!

Last weeks weigh in and measurements:

Weight: 52kg

Left Leg: 53.5cm

Right Leg: 54.5cm

Left Arm: 30cm

Right Arm: 29cm

Hips: 85cm

Waist: 67cm

Chest: 84.5cm

Neck: 31.5cm

Today’s weigh in and measurements:

Weight: 53kg

Left Leg: 52cm

Right Leg: 53.5cm

Left Arm: 30cm

Right Arm: 29cm

Hips: 83.5cm

Waist: 66cm

Chest: 84cm

Neck: 31.5cm

I have gained a kilogram of weight. From a weight loss point of view, this is rather depressing. When I started this regime, it was with the goal of losing weight: starting at 54kg and getting down to a goal weight of around 45kg. In terms of losing weight, I am rather disappointed with my efforts this week. I can’t help but think that the two days where I went slightly over my fat intake quota could have attributed to this 1kg gain. It makes me think that I haven’t been stricter on myself. I have put on weight and this was not the goal.

On the other hand, I look at my measurements and these tell me another story. Particularly in my core and chest sections, I have shaved off quite a few centimeters. So, I am toning successfully. Furthermore, I know that I am shaving off the fat by the fact that I can now fit in jeans that I couldn’t two weeks ago. I have to wonder, is the weight gain fat or muscle?

I have to be honest, my cardio regime seemed to be lacking a little this last week and I have seemed to have favoured light weights and core exercises. I haven’t broken a sweat nearly as much as last week and for that reason, I think I can safely say that this is the reason I have not made a loss this week. However, I exercised every day this week in comparison to last weekend when I was unable to use my legs due to over exertion. Yesterday, I went for a long walk around the river for over an hour and this seemed to be a nice leisurely workout without having to drag myself to the gym. This week, I need to break a sweat a little more with my cardio exercises and concentrate on these, particularly the running.

Despite the two days where I over ate my fat daily intake, my diet has been very good. When I say I ate too much fat, I didn’t go down to Maccas and go stupid, it would have been the few pieces of cheese I had in a salad. I think my main culprit would be that I have over eaten on the protein without balancing it with green vegetables. I need to increase my intake of vegetables this week and I will see how this goes later in the week. Overall however, I think I have just eaten out too many times this week. Not that I have eaten crap, it is just that when you eat at a restaurant, you don’t have the control over what is in your food. This week, I think I will do a lot of home cooking. However, I went to a party on the weekend and on two other occasions, went out to celebrate a birthday and managed to not have a drop of alcohol. WIN!

I found this article this morning about muscle gain and what kind of foods promotes this: I realised that my diet pretty much consists of all the protein foods mentioned in the article. However, my carbohydrate intake is still very low.

I suppose now I have to rethink myself a little. Do I want to lose weight or do I want to tone my body? I still have this niggling goal in the back of my head saying that being under 50kg is what is needed for me to be happy. I am actually really confused today, readers. I am also a little annoyed at myself for making a gain.

Much love,

Bing xxx


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  1. Don’t be annoyed at making a gain! a) It’s only 1kg b) A few pieces of cheese and some healthy options at a restraunt in an otherwise good diet will not cause a 1kg weight increase, but the excercise you have been doing will.
    My bet is, considering you have decreased most of your girths, you have lost fat and gained muscle. On the down side for this weeks weigh in, since muscle weighs more than fat, you have seen this as an increase in weight. On the plus side, your increase in muscle mass will increase your metabolism and so you will probably see greater losses in the coming weeks 🙂

    • Yeah I have to admit that the possibility of muscle gain has attributed to the weight gain. That’s fine 🙂 I went out today and managed to fit into some very nice trousers that I know I wouldn’t fit into a couple of weeks ago. The decrease in measurements tell me that I’m on the right track and the fact I’m fitting into clothing confirms it 🙂

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