The Exercising for Sex Idea


Hi readers,

Unfortunately, I have been unable to find my tape measure so I will have to give you all my weight-loss and measurement results tomorrow however I want to discuss something that I have found to have been one of the benefits of my exercise regime: THE SEX HAS BEEN AMAZING!

I do not want to be crude about this subject nor do I want to go in to too much detail however, I just thought I would share my philosophy and wisdom on the way in which exercise can increase your desire in your relationship. I found this article to support my theory:

I believe this article to be correct in my current situation and experience. The main idea is that because you are feeling sexy within yourself then it is only natural thing that your partner will identify that sexiness within you too. It is amazingly simple. So, if you are not feeling the steam in your bedroom, readers, jump on that exercise bike and I guarantee you will be back in the saddle in no time!


Much love,

Bing xxx


About Strength In Numbers - Perth

Level 2 Fitness Australia Professional Qualified Certificate IV in Fitness (Challenger Institute of Technology 2013). Currently completing a Diploma in Fitness. Lecturer of Fitness and Sport at South Metropolitan TAFE and the Australian College of Sport and Fitness. We specialise in: - Group fitness (circuit and Bootcamp) - Outdoor training - Cardio-respiratory Training (endurance specialist) - Weight Training (strength training) - Strength & Conditioning - Older Adults Training - Children and Adolescent Training - Basic Nutrition - Cancer Council FOODCents adviser.

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