The Fourth and Final Monthly Weigh-In


Morning readers,


Yesterday was the last day of my 30-day weight-loss training programme. I must admit, it wasn’t a hard ask in terms of training programmes. I have endured more intense in my time and I think the intensities of these regimes were the reason why I had failed in many of them. With this training programme that I took up over the last month, I worked out almost every day however, at a lower intensity. For example, rather than spending an hour working out four days a week, I would work out every day but for only 30 minutes or so. I also changed up the kinds of exercises I was doing a lot: one day upper body training, another day was core training and another day was lower body training. I found that this was good for me as I didn’t get bored or lose discipline in sticking to it.


Yesterday was my final weigh-in for the training regime. I must admit, I was pretty certain on a loss in many of the target areas. I have been very disciplined in  my intake in the last week despite going out to dinner three times in the week. May I add that even when going to restaurants, there is always a healthy alternative and that salad does not always mean boring. One night when I was out, I had a massive seafood salad. It was all grilled meats (calamari, whiting and mussels) with a little bit of green salad. Another night, I went to Nando’s and managed to find a spicy grilled chicken salad which had a calorie count of under 500. The best eating out option is always Japanese though and I had this on Saturday night. I recommend the Salmon Nigiri: tasty and extremely low in calories but high in protein.

So, despite all the dining out, I think it is time to reveal my numbers for last week. I must tell you right now: I AM PLEASED WITH MYSELF!

Last week’s weigh in and measurements:

Weight: 51kg

Left Leg: 49cm

Right Leg: 50.5cm

Left Arm: 29.5cm

Right Arm: 29cm

Hips: 83cm

Waist: 64.5cm

Chest: 83cm

Neck: 31.5cm

This week’s weigh-in and measurements:

Weight: 50kg

Left Leg: 48.5cm

Right Leg: 49cm

Left Arm: 28.5cm

Right Arm: 28.5cm

Hips: 82cm

Waist: 64cm

Chest: 81cm

Neck: 31cm


So, since starting the regime at the end of October, I have made considerable losses to my weight and measurements.

First Weigh-In:                         Final Weigh-In:                         Loss Total: 

Weight: 54kg.                            50kg.                                            -4kg.

Left leg: 54cm.                          48.5cm.                                       -5.5cm.

Right leg: 55.5cm.                    49cm.                                          -6.5cm.

Left arm: 32.5cm.                    28.5cm.                                       -4cm.

Right arm: 29.5cm.                 28.5cm.                                       -1cm.   

Hips: 85.5cm.                           82cm.                                          -3.5cm.

Waist: 69cm.                            64cm.                                           -65cm.

Chest: 86cm.                            81cm.                                           –5cm.

Neck: 32cm.                             31cm.                                           -1cm.

My tips for losing it:

  1. Break your training regime in to small time frames (30 minutes instead of an hour) and training a few extra times a week. This should include three days of walking cardio to ensure that your muscles are given the chance to repair. Change up your training regime constantly to ensure that you are not bored.
  2. Cliched but true: DRINK PLENTY OF WATER!
  3. Eat more raw foods or if you need to cook, try to steam instead of boil to keep in the nutrients. Also, do not peel the skin off your vegetables as this is where most of the good stuff is found (I will allow the discarding of banana skins).
  4. Indulge every now and then. I am not saying eat a whole block of chocolate but a few small pieces of dark chocolate is great for the mind and packed of antioxidants.
  5. Do not just weigh yourself…measure your progress with a tape measure. Also, I can guarantee if you are fitting in to clothes better, you are losing weight…sometimes the scales DO lie!
  6. Finally, stay positive and surround yourself with positive people. Do not get stuck in a rut because I can tell you right now that it will only make you feel worse so every time you are feeling down, grab some music and go for a walk as it will clear your mind.

I start my new training regime today but I am not going to go too much into it as I still need to figure out a few things to tailor it better to my needs. I will let you guys in on it tomorrow. I would ideally like to get off another two kilos as this was my pre-Europe weight last November however, as long as I can easily slide in to my jeans then I will be happy also. I just have to keep on going.


Much love,

Bing xxx


About Strength In Numbers - Perth

Level 2 Fitness Australia Professional Qualified Certificate IV in Fitness (Challenger Institute of Technology 2013). Currently completing a Diploma in Fitness. Lecturer of Fitness and Sport at South Metropolitan TAFE and the Australian College of Sport and Fitness. We specialise in: - Group fitness (circuit and Bootcamp) - Outdoor training - Cardio-respiratory Training (endurance specialist) - Weight Training (strength training) - Strength & Conditioning - Older Adults Training - Children and Adolescent Training - Basic Nutrition - Cancer Council FOODCents adviser.

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