The Lazy Style Making You Bigger


Morning readers,

It is a phenomenon that has been going on for quite a while and I can tell you right now, it is getting worse. NOT-PANTS! People wearing tights or leggings as pants for reasons other than under dresses, under tunics, gym work-outs or to bed. They have become a fashion trend and what is worse is that the trend makes even the thinnest of people look ridiculous and a lot bigger than what they actually are.

I am not adverse to the Not-Pant. I do wear them but unless I was going to the gym, I certainly would not wear them in public. Unless I was wearing a long shirt which hung down lower than my crotch. No one wants to see my panty-line and I am 100 percent sure they do not want to see a camel toe.

I can understand the attraction to them, they are incredibly comfortable however, I guarantee you, you actually do not look as good as what you would with regular pants or jeans on. You may as well wear nothing if you feel as if you will attract the opposite sex in them.

All I can say is, thank god winter is over! Now you not-pant wearers can all run around without actual pants! Meanwhile, when it comes time for your winter clothing wardrobe clean out: please consider a removal of the not-pant for your next winter trend and go out an invest in a real pair of pants. I know that actual pants do cost more than the $10 Not-Pant price tag but you could always set up a charity. Sit out at your local shopping centre with a tin asking for people to donate so you can invest in real pants and do not have a Not-Pant Winter in 2012. I am pretty sure that within an hour, someone will buy you a pair of actual pants.


For more anti-Not-Pants Advocates:

Much love,

Bing xxx


About Strength In Numbers - Perth

Level 2 Fitness Australia Professional Qualified Certificate IV in Fitness (Challenger Institute of Technology 2013). Currently completing a Diploma in Fitness. Lecturer of Fitness and Sport at South Metropolitan TAFE and the Australian College of Sport and Fitness. We specialise in: - Group fitness (circuit and Bootcamp) - Outdoor training - Cardio-respiratory Training (endurance specialist) - Weight Training (strength training) - Strength & Conditioning - Older Adults Training - Children and Adolescent Training - Basic Nutrition - Cancer Council FOODCents adviser.

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