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The Lazy Style Making You Bigger


Morning readers,

It is a phenomenon that has been going on for quite a while and I can tell you right now, it is getting worse. NOT-PANTS! People wearing tights or leggings as pants for reasons other than under dresses, under tunics, gym work-outs or to bed. They have become a fashion trend and what is worse is that the trend makes even the thinnest of people look ridiculous and a lot bigger than what they actually are.

I am not adverse to the Not-Pant. I do wear them but unless I was going to the gym, I certainly would not wear them in public. Unless I was wearing a long shirt which hung down lower than my crotch. No one wants to see my panty-line and I am 100 percent sure they do not want to see a camel toe.

I can understand the attraction to them, they are incredibly comfortable however, I guarantee you, you actually do not look as good as what you would with regular pants or jeans on. You may as well wear nothing if you feel as if you will attract the opposite sex in them.

All I can say is, thank god winter is over! Now you not-pant wearers can all run around without actual pants! Meanwhile, when it comes time for your winter clothing wardrobe clean out: please consider a removal of the not-pant for your next winter trend and go out an invest in a real pair of pants. I know that actual pants do cost more than the $10 Not-Pant price tag but you could always set up a charity. Sit out at your local shopping centre with a tin asking for people to donate so you can invest in real pants and do not have a Not-Pant Winter in 2012. I am pretty sure that within an hour, someone will buy you a pair of actual pants.


For more anti-Not-Pants Advocates:

Much love,

Bing xxx


The Sizing Issue: “But I am a 6, NOT a 10!”


Morning readers,

Do you find that the clothing stores are making it extremely difficult for us to try on clothes? I have recently encountered a real issue at one of my favourite discount department stores lately. However, after much thought, you have to ask, is it the clothing stores or is it YOU?

About six weeks ago, I found this really nice pair of pants that were retailing at a quarter of the price. I had to have them but I had to try them on of course. I never buy anything without knowing it would fit. So, I took in two sizes: an 8 and a 10. Now, bear in mind that this was six weeks ago: I had not started my exercise or diet yet and I was quite aware of the fact I had put on a little bit of weight. Before the weight gain, I was a tiny size 6 so I had no issues taking in an 8 or a 10 to try on. However, I knew that I would most likely be the size 8.

To my utter surprise and almost shame, I couldn’t get the 8 up past my thighs. I was horrified. Was I really that chunky? I almost refused to buy the pants but for the price they were, I was stupid not to. Funnily enough, I had no problem getting the 10 up and to be honest, they were actually a little baggy. But they were comfortable and sometimes comfort is better than ego. Am I right?

Not all would agree with me. Some people I know will refuse to buy an item that isn’t ‘their size’. For example, you know you are a size 10, but when you try a top in a 10 on it is a little tight in the back and I guarantee you will say to yourself, “the top doesn’t fit so I will leave it”. You don’t buy the top. Instead you could have just tried on the next size up and found that it was more flattering and fitted your back much better. No, you can’t do that though! It is NOT your size!

The Huffington Post recently wrote an article addressing the issue of what I call ‘Size Vanity’.  It spoke of the way in which fashion editors actually cut the sizing tags off the designer clothing so that those ‘Size Vain’ celebrities won’t snigger if they have to try on a Vera Wang gown in a size 10 when they are “actually a size 8”. I am not kidding, these people will actually refuse to wear designer if the clothing is not their size. Celebrities really are just normal human beings after all!

I have come to the realisation that I am not going to fit in to the one size. All clothing stores are different and brands are different too. I do take in more than one size of a particular item. I don’t care if the 8 looks better than the 6. If I look better in it then that is great. No one is going to come up to me at a nightclub and say, “Oh! I love your dress! Is that a size 6?” The only time people will notice what size you are is if you haven’t cut the tags off the clothing and the tag happens to be hanging out for all the world to see.

Interestingly enough, I went in to the changing room about three weeks ago to try on another pair of pants from the store I bought the size 10 pair. I knew I had lost a little bit of weight so I took in a size 6, 8 and a 10. I tried on the 10: almost fell off me. Tried on the 8: fitted fine but a bit baggy in the butt. Tried on the 6: perfect!!! Were even a bit loose. That was the same store but a different style of pant!

Moral of the story: do not give in to ‘Size Vanity’. Do not accept you are one size only and that you will refuse to buy an item if that size doesn’t fit. Accept that clothing sizing can vary from store to store, brand to brand, style to style. CUT YOUR TAGS OFF!

Much love,

Bing xxx

The Intellectual Funny For Your Wednesday


Hello readers,


Today I thought I would share with you something I love. It is not weight-loss relevant but it plays to my historical passion.


If World War One Was a Bar Fight

Germany, Austria and Italy are standing together in the middle of a pub when Serbia bumps into Austria and spills Austria’s pint.

Austria demands Serbia buy it a complete new suit because there are splashed on its trouser leg.

Germany expresses its support for Austria’s point of view.

Britain recommends that everyone calm down a bit.

Serbia points out that it can’t afford a whole suit, but offers to pay for the cleaning of Austria’s trousers.

Russia and Serbia look at Austria.

Austria asks Serbia: “Who are you looking at?”

Russia suggests that Austria should leave its little brother alone.

Austria inquires as to whose army will assist Russia in compelling it to do so.

Germany appeals to Britain: “France has been looking at me and it is sufficiently out of order for you not to intervene.”

Britain replies: “France can look at who it wants to, I am looking at you too, Germany. What are you going to do about it?”

Germany tells Russia to stop looking at Austria, or Germany will render Russia incapable of such an action.

Britain and France ask Germany whether it’s looking at Belgium.

Turkey and German go off into a corner and whisper.

When they come back, Turkey makes a show of not looking at anyone.

Germany rolls up its sleeves, looks at France, and punches Belgium.

France and Britain punch Germany.

Austria punches Russia.

Germany punches Britain and France with one hand and Russia with the other.

Russia throuws a punch at Germany, but misses and nearly falls over.

Japan calls over from the other side of the room that it’s on: “I’m on Britain’s side!” But stays there on the other side of the pub.

Italy surprises everyone by punching Austria.

Australia punches Turkey, and gets punched back.

There are no hard feelings though because Britain made Australia do it.

France gets thrown through a plate glass window, but gets back up and carries on fighting.

Russia gets thrown through another one, gets knocked out, suffers brain damage, and wakes up with a complete personality change.

Italy throws a punch at Austria and misses, but Austria falls over anyway.

Italy raises both fists in the air and runs around the room chanting.

America waits until Germany is about to fall over from sustained punching from Britain and France, walks over and smashes Germany with a barstool, then pretends it won the fight all by itself.

By now the chairs are broken and the big mirror over the bar is shattered.

Britain, France and America agree that Germany threw the first punch, so the whole thing is Germany’s fault.

While Germany is still unconscious, they go through its pockets, steals its wallet, and buys drinks for all their friends.


Happy Hump Day!

Much love,

Bing xxx

The Blogs


Afternoon readers,


Yes, I am late today. You see, I have been busy with my life an all. I am going to fill you in on my fourth weigh-in tomorrow. As it is my last day of my training regime today, I think it is more appropriate that I give you a month update tomorrow rather than today. So, today, I want to point you in the direction of a few of the other blogs I am reading at the moment. These are blogs which help to give me inspiration. Just thought I would spread some love and who knows, maybe one day, someone might spread the love for me.


The Actor’s Diet: The Life of a Hollywood Actress. Meal by Meal.


Loftier Musings.


TemptingLimes: Right Now, It’s All You have to Change Your Life Around.


Much love,

Bing xxx

The Pledge


Don’t Bash the Loving Out of Me

A poem by Maureen Watson


The party’s over and I sit here waiting,

For you to come thru that door

And my guts are tied up in knots inside,

And we’ll go thru it all once more.

If there’s any female Gods up there

Why can’t they make you see

You’re bashing you head against a brick wall

Bashing the loving out of me.

The good times don’t make up for the bad

In the beginning I thought they could,

Sure we had our fights and arguments

But the making up was good.

And life was a game till the babies came

Then more pressure and jealousy

And you lash out in your frustration

And you bash the loving out of me.

Oh, you cry to me after, and you swear you’ll change

And you beg me not to leave you

But it builds up and then, we go thru it again

So how can I believe you.

I turn away from the fear in my babies eyes

That everyone but you can see

You kill a child’s pride in her

Daddy While you bash the loving out of me.

Some people have to fight from the day we’re born

But its us women who are black and blue

Praps its our love gives us strength to carry on

Like the love I have for you.

But I live sick inside with the waiting

For the violence I dread will break thru

And don’t ever think I’m not pushed to the brink

But I don’t bash the loving out of you.

Your enemy is inside you,

Deeps wounds fester where you can’t see

Well take them out of there, confront them

Don’t bash the loving out of me.

I’m tired of making excuses for the things you do

I’m tired of carrying the guiklt and the blame

You’ve got to be able to front up to yourself

To own your violence, your shame,

I know the day will come that I have to leave

I only hope that they you’ll see

And as time goes by, I know we’ll both cry

Cos you bashed the loving out of me.


Maureen has now passed away and permission to use this poem was given by her son.

Make a pledge to end the silence on violence against women today:


Real men should swear…

Swear never to commit, excuse or remain silent about violence against women.

Please support White Ribbon Day today to bring to light the cycle of physical abuse that happens against women.

The reality is that anyone in your life maybe experiencing violence towards them and you wouldn’t know. These people need our help to find their voice to fight back.


Much love,

Bing xxx


The Cure


Morning readers,

I have been thinking a little bit about self-esteem and the way in which it can affect an individual. I have lately been experiencing a few ill feelings towards a few aspects of my life and thinking about the way in which I have been dealing with them. Before starting my exercise regime, I would have most likely let my emotions get the better of me and retreat in to my own private abyss, not talk to anyone or leave the house. Despite what is going on in my life of late, I have actually managed to not do this and I believe that my new-found health kick has to take the credit. After much thought, I have decided to identify the major problems that cause low self-esteem and how to better attack these issues to ensure that you do not become a recluse.


1. Self Hate: 

Definition – anger and frustrated about the person you are and you cannot forgive yourself for even making small mistakes.

Cure – do not resign to becoming your own worst critic. No one is perfect so forgive yourself for making mistakes. Making mistakes means positive growth. Challenge yourself to prove the negative comments wrong.

2. Perfectionism:

Definition – living with a constant sense that you may fail because no matter how impressive the achievement, you always feel that you could have done much better.

Cure – set realistic expectations of yourself. Failing something you do does NOT mean you are a failure as a person. Try to focus on the big picture rather than nit-pick at the small details.

3. Poor body image:

Definition – can affect everything from how you behave in relationships to how you project yourself at work so as far as symbiotic relationships, this is a big issue.

Cure – avoid comparisons to others as it leads to heightened insecurities about yourself. Look after yourself with a healthy diet and exercise regime as it releases positive hormones throughout the body. Make an effort and take pride in your appearance.

4. Feeling worthless:

Definition – doubting ones ability to the point that a deep-rooted sense of worthlessness appears which makes you believe that you are not as valuable as other people.

Cure – accept that you have your own special talent that may be different to others and be proud of that talent. Do not take people’s opinion of you as the gospel as this will make you feel like they are better than you. Treat others the way that you want to be treated.

5. Oversensitivity:

Definition – angered by criticism or you literally feel demolished by any comment that’s directed at you,

Cure – listen carefully to the criticism and decide for yourself if it is true or not. If the criticism is unfair, make sure you say that you disagree. If there is truth in the comment, learn from it rather than over-analysing it. Move on and don’t dwell on it.

6. Fear and anxiety:

Definition – the fear and a belief that you are powerless to change anything in your world.

Cure – distinguish the genuine fears and the unfounded ones by challenging your anxieties with facts. Face your fears.

7. Anger:

Definition –  you start to believe your own thoughts and feelings aren’t important to others which can causw repressed hurt and anger to build up, so something seemingly small can trigger outbursts of fury.

Cure – learn how to remain calm and do not let emotions boil under the surface until you explode. Remove yourself from the situation for a little while to breath and calm down. Do not over do it as this will only make your feel bitter when struggling to cope.

8. People pleasing:

Definition – feeling you have to please others so that they like, love and respect you and as a result you end up feeling aggrieved and used.

Cure – learn to say no as your self-worth is not determined by others approval. Be selfish on occasions and at least consider your feelings before others. Set limits on what you will do for others and this will alleviate any future resentment.


The sad thing about this list is that for a long time in my life, I actually did experience all of these symptoms of poor self-esteem. The truth of it is that when all of these symptoms are combined altogether within oneself, it not only hurts yourself but ends up extending to the relationships in your life. I have done some really stupid things over the years that have hurt a lot of people and all of which was because I struggled from low self-esteem.I hope some of you will find this post interesting and maybe some will find it helpful in turning their lives around.


Much love,

Bing xxx

The Boys


Afternoon readers,

After much retrospective thinking about my post yesterday, I realised that I was incredibly female centred. So, I thought that for my last post of the week I would introduce the celebrity men who I think deserve to be on my ‘Sexy with Substance’ list. These boys are not only sexy but they are incredibly intelligent. In no way should men aspire to look exactly like them but rather, understand that women love a good bloke with some brains. This is to perk you up, guys and girls, give you a bit of eye candy to finish off the long working week. In the deep voice of Sir Patrick Stewart…ENGAGE!

Gael Garcia Bernal: Multi-Linguist and World Film Heavy-Weight.

Brad Pitt: Philanthropist and New Orleans Rebuild Charity Hard Core.

Ashton Kutcher: Twitter Mogul and Former Biochemical Engineering Student.

Ryan Gosling: Oscar Winner in the Wings.

George Clooney: Darfur Advocate and Actor/Director/Writer.

Robert Downey Jr: Been to Hell and Back, Survived, Still One of the Cleverest Actors of All Time.

Hugh Jackman: The Ultimate Hollywood Triple Threat, Tony Awards Winner and the Ability to Host a Decent Oscars.

James Franco: Lost Count of How Many Degrees He Actually Has!

Leonardo DiCaprio: Passionate Conservationist and Scorsese Main Man.

Johnny Depp: Acting Chamaeleon and Thinking Woman’s Crumpet .

Not an exhaustive list and feel free to let me know if I have missed anyone out. Hope you have a good weekend, readers. I will check in with you on Monday with the results of my third weigh-in.

Much love,

Bing xxx