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The Fifth and First Monthly Weigh-In


Morning readers,


Last week I started a new exercise regime. I decided to change the workout in order to fight boredom. I actually wasn’t bored with the workout however, I do feel that if a workout gets a little bit repetitive, there might be more of a chance to not continue on. That has always been a problem for me…sticking to a routine. I think that when I start to see it as being a routine, I get bored and give up. So, I decided pretty early in my journey that after a month I would change the exercise regime slightly.

This is the new regime:


Running (sprinting) 700m

Upper body strength training



Stationary bike (10 minutes)

Core strength training



Walking (uphill) 1 mile

Running (jogging) 1 mile

Upper body strength training



Stationary bike (25 minutes)

Lower body strength training



Walking (uphill) 30 minutes

Upper body strength training



Stationary bike (10 minutes)

Lower body strength training



Biking (45 minutes)

Core strength training

So, I started this regime last Tuesday and I decided to stick to the same diet as last month as I didn’t quite lose the 5kg that I was hoping for. So I am continuing on the high protein/low carbs and low-fat route again. How did this go for my weight-loss and measurements for the week?:

Last week’s weigh-in and measurements:

Weight: 50kg

Left Leg: 48.5cm

Right Leg: 49cm

Left Arm: 28.5cm

Right Arm: 28.5cm

Hips: 82cm

Waist: 64cm

Chest: 81cm

Neck: 31cm


This week’s weigh-in and measurements:

Weight: 50kg

Left Leg: 46cm

Right Leg: 47.5cm

Left Arm: 28cm

Right Arm: 28cm

Hips: 81cm

Waist: 63cm

Chest: 80cm

Neck: 31cm

So no change in the weight department. However, what I have learnt is to not focus too much on the scales. The measurements are telling me I am still doing great work. Particularly in the legs, I can tell that the up in cardio is really helping. I actually really enjoy the cardio in this regime. I sweat a lot and don’t feel like I am putting too much pressure on myself although I know that I am running a lot more and for a lot longer. I didn’t think I would EVER love to run.


What I really need to improve on is my food. I feel like I am only able to cook and prepare the same sort of meals all the time. Due to the low carb intake, it makes it really hard to prepare good and exciting food. I am missing pasta and potatoes quite a bit. I need to go on a hunt for some more recipes to spice up my repertoire. If you guys have any ideas, recipes or tips, I would really love to hear them.


Much love,

Bing xxx